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Where water, earth, fire, & wind have no footing: There the stars do not shine, the sun is not visible, the moon does not appear, darkness is not found.


And when a sage, a brahman through sagacity, has known [this] for himself, then from form & formless, from bliss & pain, he is freed.

— Ud 1.10



To cultivate seeds of awakening for every Filipino through Buddha-Dhamma study and meditation practice by regularly offering retreats and providing refuge for local lay and monastic Sangha.


The first Theravada Buddhist monastery in the Philippines, a refuge for Bhikkhunis, where a thriving community of Dhamma students and meditation practitioners are fully liberated and dedicate merit for the benefit of all beings.


  • We are a dignified community living within the guidelines of the 5 precepts.

  • We uphold the 8 precepts during our daylong and residential retreats.

  • We walk the Noble Eightfold Path in the best that we're able.

  • We are all-inclusive.  We honor and respect everyone regardless of social status, financial capacity, educational background, religious views and belief systems, race, ethnicity, gender, age, physical abilities and limitations, and levels of meditation experience. 

  • We cultivate spiritual friendships and relationships that dwell in the heavenly abodes of the Bhrama Viharas.

  • We contribute to the betterment of the environment and the world.

  • We live in harmony with nature.

  • We practice for the benefit of all beings.

who we are

We are dedicated Dhamma students and meditation practitioners whose lives have been profoundly transformed by the Buddha's teachings.  It is our greatest aspiration to support the elevation of our Filipino Dhamma siblings' lives and consciousness. The Philippines, rich in natural resources and warm-hearted people, can further flourish through the cultivation of generosity, wisdom, compassion, and clarity of mind and heart.  We offer Nibbāna Forest Refuge as a community space to support our collective growth as we learn and practice the Buddha's priceless teachings.  May we all awaken together.


Imee Contreras, cmt-p

Founder, Guiding Teacher

our partners

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